From pencil and paper
to prose and code

UX Design & Development by Miri Yeh

Shenphen Ling

UX Design

I helped rethink and redesign the web presence for Shenphen Ling Dharma Center. We set out to modernize and re-establish the non-profit organization as an inclusive space for any level of Buddhist education and practice.


UX Design

Backyard is a mobile application that simplifies and customizes the search for parks and playgrounds suitable for children. My goal was to streamline the selection and evaluation process to help families enjoy the outdoors.


UX Design

Hive is a SaaS web application for collecting and sorting information. This platform reimagines how people might organize, share, and collaborate on content, either casually with friends or in the professional workspace.


UX Design

Photofile is a mobile application that enables attorneys to submit legal documents to the court and track their progress. I designed this product as a practicing attorney in response to Santa Clara County's adoption of an electronic filing system in 2016.